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The PTS is a global supergroup spanning all City of Heroes/Villains servers (including European) consisting of remarkable individuals who focus on a single goal, Helping Heroes Get There Faster. Each server, or "Garage", is represented by players just like you who enjoy helping their fellow heroes. Some garages have fewer taxis than others, but all garages are represented in our Forum section. For a list of garages that are in need of taxis, please stop by. Why not become part of something truly special and help make the City of community even more exciting? Join today!

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Infinity- The Kings Row Taxi Service
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A short overview of Issue 20

Sara2.0, Apr 6, 11 1:54 PM.
Okay Issue 20 is live as of Tuesday..  Now there are a lot of changes and I won't try to cover them all but we are all working on Incarnate stuff so here's a look at what's new.

Two new trials that open up 4 new power slots 

BAF Trial
  --  has 4 parts and opens the Justice and Lore powers

part 1  is simple just defeat the IDF troops

part 2 gets tougher you take on Nightshade and every few minutes she is reinforced by MK Vickie bosses.  taking her out fast as possible prevents huge battles against increasing numbers of nasty bosses that can 1 or 2 shot you.  Oh and the gun turrents are active so you need to lure her to the tennis courts or they will kill you as well

part 3 require the teams to prevent prisoners from escaping.  i know that sounds strange but the cut scene explains it all.  If enough escape you fail

part 4 has you battle the two main AVs and take them out to complete the trial

Lambda Trial - has 3 parts and opens the Interface and Destiny powers

part 1 - is pretty easy.  take out enough IDF troops outside the facility to allow you to break inside.  Then defeat all the troops inside along with thr gun emplacements

part 2 - requires the teams to split.  One team takes out weapon staches in the training facility while the other takes out containment porters in the med lab.  This is a destroy the glowie and run mission with a time limit.  Don't even bother fighting the mobs inside either just find the glowies, blow them up and move on.  This is important because the glowies give you temp weapons you need for the final part.  you will get 10 grenades and ten acid bombs.  The grenade help to control Maurader so its easier to defeat him.  The acid bombs shut off portals that allow reinforcements to arrive.  The more of the temps you get the better your odds of winning.

part 3 obviously involves the arrival of Maurader along with more troops.  Seal off the portals quickly and defeat his support  then use the grenades to assist you in defeating him.

OKAY the powers...

The first thing you will notice on the trials is you start earning Incarnate XP.  Now you can't BUY anything with it but it does add up until each power is unlocked.  You can track your progress on the equip screen of your incarnate tab.. it will tell you how many % you have completed.   Once open you can slot it using THREADS which now drop instead of Shards.  Threads drop at a little better pace than shards did which is good since a common component needed for the very first level power is 20 shards and you need three to craft ( 3 X 20 = 60 threads so you can imagine how long it would take if the thread drop rate was the same as the shards).   

The Lambda will let you open up your Interface power first and once you have hit 100% on that it switches, immediately, and starts building toward your destiny slot  On the BAF you start with justice and then switch to Lore.   You don't get a choice in this you need to open the first before you can work toward the 2nd on either trial.

Interface grants you a debuff and has four options..   -Dam resistance  - Defense  - Recharge Rate and  a to hit debuff  as you get into the upper tiers it also adds a damage effect from a variety of sources..  fire, energy, etc

Justice grants an AoE attack from Fire, Cold or Energy and depending on which option you pick can also add holds, diminish damage etc from the enemies it effects.

Destiny is a team buff that can heal, increase end, increase recharge rate etc over time

Lore of course as we know grants you a pet whch mirror the effects of their enemy counterparts.  A WarWorks pet (ACU) does damage and also drastically cuts attack powers recahrge rate as an example.  The pets have a five minute life cycle and then have to recharge before using again.. very similar to a Phantom Army or the pets my Crab Spider has.

NOW.. as you get into higher tiers with Interface and Justice, at least i THINK its those two, they also each grant another level shift.. so eventually you become a 50 (+3).  Don't get too excited yet..  the shifts only apply during the trials so doing any other normal 50 level TF like the ITF you are still only a 50 (+1).  But those 2 extra levels will come in handy on the trials.. my Crab Spider with all her defense and CADRIO which increases her damage resistance got 2 shotted by a Vickie on a BAF trial. 

One last tidbit.  IF you have the shards and the cash..  you can convert 10 shards to 10 threads for 2.5 million INF once a day and 10 shards for 5 threads for 2.5 million as often as you like.    Now if you are still working on tier 4 don't convert you need those shards but once you get to tier four... as you can see from above nothing new requires shards or Motices or Favors of the well.. convert them all and use them to speed along your slotting on the new suff

okay that should have your minds realing.  LOL  I will be available to answer questions Take care and see you Friday!
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